Whilst our management team work with talent around the world, we also run an in-house agency, working with global brands to create engaging experiential events and projects. We’re also known to be a dab hand at music curation & licensing and license for some of the worlds best (in our humble opinion) brands.

If you want us to programme, create, or build an experience for your brand, with quite literally, zero limitations (other than pigs flying etc.) then get in touch via

Some numbers:

︎ Over 100,000 people have attended events we’ve produced

︎ We’ve worked with over 1,000 musicians, artists & DJs to produce over 200 events globally

︎ We have connected and worked with over 50 leading global brands on content, experience based events and multi-media advertising campaigns

︎ We have curated events in over 6 countries worldwide and created & marketed content that has spanned more than half of the globe

︎ Over 10,000,000 people reached during our campaigns

︎ Our production network is global, with offices in Europe, Asia, America and Australia

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