Al Zanders

London native Al Zanders first came on to the scene with his remix of Fela Kuti, under the alias 'Lodger'. Since then, the young DJ and producer has gone from strength to strength, selling thousands of records worldwide and playing venues and festivals all across the world, notably performing at Dimensions, Lost Village and Gottwood festivals.

In 2016 Al founded his own label, the appropriately named A-Z Records, which has already seen two releases, including a remix of local Sheffield band Hot Diamond Aces. The release was followed by EPs with Phonica, Wolf Music and Blind Jack's Journey.

Known for his eclectic and universally led sets, Zanders is quickly building up a strong following amongst music enthusiasts and dancers alike. He has the rare ability to go between many musical cultures and genres seamlessly, captivating and surprising audiences with records old and new spanning across a vast musical landscape.

Previous labels: Undaground Therapy Muzik, Phonica Records, A-Z, Wolf Music

Selected Press:

Meet Roy Davis Jr.’s first signing in 16 years: Al Zanders - Exposed Magazine


Selected Discography:


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