ADA Agency

Our own in-house booking agency ADA Agency launched a year before ADMG did as a full service global booking agency. The agency serviced over 100 artists in its initial year before scaling down to become a smaller tailored agency focusing on 10-20 artists at a time with a dedicated team of agents. The brand was co-founded by ADMG directors Henry, Lenny & Nicky, LA based artist manager Ian Massoth (Ayita), now-designer Sylvia Witter and Gareth Lewis. The agency merged with ADMG in 2020 where we now do our artists bookings in-house rather that via a seperate agency.

Established: 2013
Booking Agency
Founded by: 
Henry Moller, Lenny Legaspi, Nicholas Petrou, Ian Massoth, Sylvia Witter & Gareth Lewis
Current Directors:
Henry Moller
Past Management: Ian Massoth, Sylvia Witter, Gareth Lewis, Lenny Legaspi, Nicholas Petrou


Previous Artists:

Ras G (Rest In Peace), 


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