Beat Werk

Established in the summer of 2013 as a series of events showcasing the diverse spectrum of electronic dance music featuring the likes of critically acclaimed producers Four Tet, Mssingno, DJ Marfox and label collaborations with Formula Records and Goon Club Allstars. Later developing into a free compilation series in conjunction with the events highlighting emerging artists both homegrown in the UK and across the world from Mexico to Turkey.

2015 saw the first official release from the label by London based producer Holloway and preceded by Hagan and 3M individually putting their unique spin on different corners of electronic music. The brands aim is to connect different scenes together to put out quality music not limited to one style or genre.

The label is set to relaunch in 2020/21


Established: 2013
Record label, Events
Founded by:
Lenny Legaspi
Lenny Legaspi

Selected Press:

Holloway – Annoushka (Moleskin & Rocks Vocal Mix) Premiere - DUMMY
Hagan – Glacier Premiere - DUMMY



Selected Discography:


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