Global artist, label & events management. 
Publishing, PR, Events Curation & Production.

We are:
Talent management, Labels, Events, Content, Multi-media, Curation, Publishing, Publicity, Production.

AD Music Group is a London based, global management company and collective of labels & brands that whilst managing artists, releasing music and running events offer full service marketing and events services to brands globally via our in-house agency.

We launched in 2010 with our first brand Audio Doughnuts (AD), which went on to see over 100,000 people attend our events, and over 1,000 artists perform with us, soon-after transformed into a label, the AD brand went on to launch some of the UKs most exciting burgeoning talents that have gone on to see global success and to produce for artists internationally.

After the AD brand announced a hiatus from releasing music and putting on events under the brands guise, the directors went on to focus on 3 primary areas of the industry, events programming & venues, label management & A&R, and artist management.

Our approach when AD became AD Music Group was to use the years we had discovering what it meant to speak to an audience directly, to working with artists on a daily basis, to provide services to others whilst signing talent we truly believed in to build, support and grow careers and brands alike. Now with a growing roster and team, the company aims to work with new and pioneering acts that continue to push creative boundaries whilst working on exciting projects that harness the furthering of contemporary music and arts both with management, and our in-house agency.