ADMG Agency.

A global events, media and social agency with its core rooted in connectivity and relationships.

We work with a select number of brands to help create projects & campaigns.
Our services include but are not limited to:

Event production & programming
Influencer marketing & engagement
Festival Programming & Curation
Full service digital & print marketing
Project & product management
Full service branding
Events & Consultancy
Music distribution
Radio plugging
Press & Publicity
Print & Digital Advertising
Multi-media content creation
Music licensing & sync
Web Design & Build
& more.

Some stuff about what we’ve done:

︎ Over 100,000 people have attended events we’ve produced
︎ We’ve worked with over 1,000 musicians, artists & DJs to produce over 200 events globally
︎ We have connected and worked with over 50 leading, global brands on content, experience based events and multi-media advertising campaigns.
︎ We have curated events in over 6 countries worldwide and created & marketed content that has spanned more than 40 countries.
︎ Our team span Europe, Asia & America and are truly connected, globally.
︎ Our production network consists of 5 of the leading companies in design, content and multi-media marketing, ensuring we never have to say no to a clients wish.


Our ethos stems from connectivity, our work in turn reflects this - Our beginnings in the music and events industry were rooted in connecting artists to people whilst building those same relationships both with our artists and audience. Today, we consider ourselves a truly global and connected events, marketing & content agency, working on a very select number of campaigns and projects each year enables us to create highly engaged content allowing brands to connect directly with new and existing audiences whilst building lasting relationships between talent and the brands. For us, relationships and connection is what matters and we understand how important it is for an audience to build and grow with a brand, we believe in building for the long term, in the short term.

We believe that it’s better to do more than you talk, and that’s exactly how we work with our brands; spending more time focusing on the targets and less on the frills of making our own brand talk more than it does.

Agency partnerships:

Our services are provided globally in partnership with 87S AND CO., Redbox Asia & Electrocaine.


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